Published: Dec 4, 2023

‘Safety never takes a holiday’ is in market

It’s time to plan your summer communications and remind everyone that ‘safety never takes a holiday’.

safety never takes a holiday

Between 14 December 2023 and 13 January 2024, we’ll be rolling out our ‘safety never takes a holiday’ initiative.

This year, the spotlight is on preparing for a road trip, speeding, fatigue, drink driving, seatbelt safety, breakdown safety, mobile phone use, caravan safety and road rule refreshers like keeping left and merging.

During the December and January period last year, 49 people were killed and 690 were seriously injured on NSW roads. Serious injuries rose by 144 from 566 in the same period in the year prior.

Help us prevent spikes in serious injuries and fatalities like these from happening this summer by:

  • Emailing for a copy of the communications toolkit.
  • Sharing our ‘safety never takes a holiday’ posts on the NSW Road Safety Facebook page between 14 December 2023 and 13 January 2024.
  • Publishing your own road safety messaging using the tagline and hashtag #SafetyNeverTakesAHoliday” across your social channels, newsletters, and websites.
  • Visiting the NSW Centre for Road Safety website for more on staying safe on the road.
  • Testing how tired you might be before heading out on the road at
  • Downloading the Speed Adviser app, a driver's aid designed to reduce speeding and save lives in NSW.
  • Visiting for more information on public transport and trip planning, including summer holiday timetables and services for major events.
  • Visiting for real-time updates on traffic conditions, including road closures.

We greatly value your support. Together let’s make this festive season a safe one!