Road Safety Plan

Someone is killed or hospitalised every


because of a crash on NSW roads

NSW's road safety targets

Ambitious but achievable trauma reduction targets help to guide our investment – and reflect the NSW Government commitment to make NSW roads the safest in the country.


Reduce road fatalities by at least 30 per cent from 2008–2010 levels by 2021. This is our State Priority Target.


New road safety targets will be set every 10 years, and reviewed every five years, to make sure we continue to move Towards Zero fatalities and serious injuries on our roads.


NSW has set an aspirational target of zero fatalities and serious injuries on our roads by 2056.

The road trauma challenge in NSW

The Safe System

safe system diagram

Priority areas

Taking action to save lives, over the next five years the NSW Government will deliver across six priority areas.


Saving lives on country roads


Liveable and safe urban communities


Using the roads safely


Building a safer community culture


New and proven vehicle technology


Building a safe future

A strong evidence base

Our key partners and the community

Community Road Safety Fund

The Road Safety Plan 2021 builds on what has already been delivered through the Community Road Safety Fund.

Since the establishment of the Community Road Safety Fund in 2013, the NSW Government has delivered programs that are saving lives and preventing serious injuries. A snapshot of these programs include:

  • Graduated Licensing Scheme reforms
  • Public education campaigns
  • Safer Roads Program
  • New and used car safety ratings and vehicle research
  • Flashing lights at schools
  • Road safety education for children and young people
  • Enhanced police and speed camera enforcement
  • Towards Zero Strategy
  • Mandatory Alcohol Interlock Program
  • Road safety delivery through partnerships.


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