Lives lost on NSW roads.
Our goal is zero.

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People We Know: Tahlia Mardini

Tahlia Mardini’s life changed forever in the early hours of New Year’s Day in 2018 when she was involved in a horrific car crash. This is her story – an important one to watch and share with the people you love. Please stay safe on our roads.

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Vehicle Safety Features

Newer vehicles provide increased protection in a crash and include a range of advanced safety features and technologies which can protect and help avoid a crash. Find out more about vehicle safety features you should look out for when purchasing a used or new vehicle.

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Speed Cameras Save Lives

Speed is the biggest killer on NSW roads, contributing to around 41 per cent of road fatalities and 24 per cent of serious injuries each year. This means almost 150 lives lost and around 1,270 people seriously injured each year.

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Safe System Approach

Safe System Approach

To achieve the ultimate goal of zero deaths and serious injuries on NSW roads, we’ve adopted a safe system approach.

Road Safety Plan 2021

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The Road Safety Plan 2021 features targeted and proven initiatives that address key trends, behaviours and the types of crashes occurring on NSW roads.

Road Safety Ad Campaigns

Road Safety Ad Campaigns

Learn more about state-wide advertising campaigns designed to shift attitudes towards road safety and encourage safe driving.


rugby league player Brad Fittler

Our sporting greats get behind NSW Road Safety campaigns and encourage the community to be safer on our roads.


City of Sydney

Find out news and information related to road safety in NSW.