Working Towards Zero

The NSW road toll isn't simply a number. It is people. Sadly, it's closer to home than you think. It's people like you. Grandparents, mothers, fathers, children. And it's a number that's unacceptable, no matter how small it gets, until it gets to zero.

That should be the aim for all of us - government, law enforcement, business, communities, families and individuals - we should work together to do everything in our power to push the number of deaths on NSW roads towards zero.

Towards Zero Stories

Watch stories from people who have been affected by road trauma. *These videos contain footage some viewers may find upsetting.

Image of Heidi sitting in her wheelchair in her kitchen.
Be on the lookout. Not everyone is going to do what you assume they are going to do.

Heidi's story

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Image of Tahlia
It’s not cool to speed and I think a lot of people need to hear that.

Tahlia's Story

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Street talk

We took to the street to see what you have to say about reducing the NSW road toll.

Man street talk
It would be fantastic to see a day when there were no fatalities.

Street talk: An acceptable number

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Young guy in street talk
I slow down for my family, for sure.

Street talk: Slowing down

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