What’s your Plan B?

Drink driving was a contributing factor in 19% of all fatalities and 7% of all serious injuries on NSW roads in 2020.

Although the risks of drink driving are widely reported, many people still believe they can justify drink driving in certain situations. And they often underestimate the effects ‘a few drinks’ can have on their driving skills and overestimate their ability as a driver. When faced with the potential inconvenience of finding an alternative way home, some simply choose to drink and drive.

However, the effects of driving with alcohol in one’s system, even only small amounts are wide ranging and impossible to avoid - slowed brain function, reduced ability to make decisions or react quickly, reduced balance and coordination, and elevated confidence, leading to greater risk taking.

If you’re heading out for a drink, leave the car behind and plan another way home.

If you’re drinking, don’t drive.