Casual Speeding. Every K Counts

Casual speeding is the biggest cause of deaths and serious injuries on NSW roads.

From 2015-19, at least two thirds of speed-related deaths and serious injuries on NSW roads occurred when a speeding driver or rider was travelling no more than 10km/h over the speed limit.

Yet most drivers in NSW admit to casual speeding when they get behind the wheel.

When the unexpected happens on the road - the speed that you're travelling at matters. 'Just a bit over' can be the difference between being able to stop in time or not at all. If the worst happens and there is a crash, any extra speed means extra impact force – and the human body can only tolerate so much before death or serious injury is all but inevitable. 

Evidence shows that small changes in speed can have a big impact on the outcome of a crash:

  • Going 5 km/h over in a 60km/h zone doubles your risk of having a crash. 
  • Going 10 km/h over in a 60km/h zone means you’re four times as likely to be involved in a crash.

If we all had a less casual attitude towards speeding and did not drive above the speed limit, together we could help prevent deaths and serious injuries on our roads.