Published: Apr 13, 2023

Egg-cellent road safety tips – autumn holidays campaign

With more people out and about on NSW roads during the 2023 autumn school holidays, Bob the bilby is raising awareness about being a good egg and staying safe on the road.

Sadly, in 2022 there were 19 fatalities and 60 serious injuries recorded on NSW roads between 3 April and 23 April.

Bob the Bilby

The social media campaign introduces the character, Bob the bilby, who’s going on an Easter adventure and encouraging safe behaviour on our roads in a fun and entertaining way. Bob reminds drivers to check their vehicle before setting off, buckle up, plan regular rest breaks and put the phone away. 

Creating impactful and visually engaging content is an effective way to deliver important road safety messages and get cut through in an environment where people scroll quickly. Injecting a little fun into social media content creates an emotional connection with your audience and makes you more relatable. 

People tend to share this style of content more than others by either tagging a friend or sharing to their own timeline, which opens your content up to a wider audience. 

Get involved! 

There’s still time to get involved. The school holidays continue until 23 April 2023, and the next double demerit period will apply from 21 April to the end of 25 April 2023 on ANZAC Day. School zones will also be in operation on 24 April 2023. 

If your local government is working on a campaign, consider implementing a creative idea that encourages positive participation and engagement. 

Access the content creation guidelines for more tips on:  

  • image/video best practice 

  • campaign shoot planning and filming advice 

  • vox pop interview question examples 

  • NSW key road safety messages 

  • road safety requirements for developing content 


The Creative Assets Library is also available if you need some images. To view the Easter campaign image suite search for the keywords ‘Autumn Road Safety Campaign’. 

Let’s work together to keep us all safe on NSW roads over the holiday period.


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