Published: Jul 31, 2023

How well do you know the NSW Road Rules? Get involved in Road Rules Awareness Week 2023

Road Rules Awareness Week is running from 21 to 27 August this year. Here are some tips on how you can educate your community on the most commonly misunderstood road rules.

Road Rules Awareness Week 2023

1. Address key issues happening in your community 

Every community faces unique road safety challenges, and this week can be a great opportunity to educate yours about specific road safety issues that impact them.

The Creative Assets Library has images, videos and illustrations on commonly misunderstood road rules, as well as key road safety issues like being a safe pedestrian and the dangers of speeding.

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If creating your own content, check out our Content Creation Guidelines.  

2. Educate your community with engaging content 

People think they know the NSW road rules pretty well so build on your community’s interest by creating engaging and interactive social media posts.

Trivia or quiz-style posts see high levels of engagement as people are keen to share their answers and debate with others. Creating content around commonly misunderstood road rules can drive lots of conversation with your community and will give you the opportunities to educate those that may not know the rules as well as they think.

If you’re planning any events during the week, get people to put their knowledge to the test with a quiz and reward any road rule pros with a prize.

3. Get involved!

Use your social media channels, newsletters, website and in-person events to spread the message of Road Rules Awareness Week. Follow our Facebook page to share and participate in our road rules trivia posts throughout the week.   

Remember, road safety is everyone’s responsibility and knowing the road rules is one of the best ways we can look out for others on our roads.