Published: Dec 14, 2020

New ratings help car buyers choose safety

Used car buyers will be able to make the safest possible choice with the release today of the 2020-21 Used Car Safety Ratings Buyers Guide covering 261 makes and models. 

Transport for NSW Deputy Secretary for Safety, Environment and Regulation Tara McCarthy said the ratings provide a comprehensive picture of the safety of all different types of used vehicles on the market.

“Your car choice might save your life if you’re involved in a crash,” Ms McCarthy said. 

“With the COVID-19 pandemic this year many more people are choosing to drive and used car sales have increased. I’m urging all drivers to choose the safest vehicle possible to protect themselves, their passengers and other road users in a crash."

“There are many five-star rated vehicles across a variety of categories as well as ‘safer picks’ that give excellent protection to the driver, cause less serious injury to other road users and include crash avoidance technology."

“Some of the safer pick vehicles are almost 15 years old, showing that safety technology is now an option available even in older vehicles.” Executive Director of the Centre for Road Safety Bernard Carlon said the guide was developed by the Monash University Accident Research Centre on behalf of the NSW Centre for Road Safety and other members of the Vehicle Safety Research Group.

“The Monash University Accident Research Centre analysed records from more than 8.5 million vehicles and 2.1 million injured road users involved in road crashes throughout Australia and New Zealand between 1987 and 2018,” Mr Carlon said.

“The ratings also demonstrate that price isn’t always an indicator of safety – with some of the highest rating vehicles priced between $5,000 and $10,000 – those on a budget, or young people buying their first vehicle can still choose a safer vehicle.”

The Used Car Safety Ratings guide is available in print and online here