Get your hand off it

Since 2014, Transport for NSW and the Sydney Swans have partnered to encourage NSW drivers not to use mobile phones illegally while driving.

It’s important to stay alert when you’re behind the wheel. Get your hand off it and put your mobile phone away. It’s not worth it.


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Sydney swans player running blindfolded through boxing bags
We wanted to see how our Swans performed...blindfolded. Why? Because looking at your phone for just 2 seconds at 60km/ph means you're driving blind for over 33 metres. Sounds scary right? Don't be distracted by your phone. Get your hand off it while driving and stay safe this season.

Don't fly blind

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Sydney Swans player being blindfolded
We blindfolded Swans players Callum Mills, Tom McCartin and Harry Cunningham for a fun experiment based on one hard hitting fact: looking at your phone for just 2 seconds at 60km/ph means you're driving blind for over 33 metres. Listen to their experience about performing blind. Don't handball your

Behind The Scenes: Swans Blindfolded

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More Towards Zero Partners

The Knock-On Effect

Decision time with NSW Rugby League

We’re proud to partner with NSW Rugby League to tackle road safety in NSW head-on.

While a knock-on may seem like a small mistake on a footy field, it can have dramatic consequences on our roads.

Brad Fittler, Greg Alexander and the NSW Blues have joined forces to support the Knock-On Effect campaign.

Slow Down


As proud partners of the Western Sydney Wanderers since 2015, we’ve been encouraging fans to think about the human cost of road trauma and reasons why we need to slow down on our roads.

‘Who do you slow down for?’

The Western Sydney Wanderers have a message to share…


What’s Your Plan B?

Sydney Sixers, What’s Your Plan B?

On and off the field, you need a reliable Plan B. We partner with the Sydney Sixers, Sydney Thunder and NSW Blues to encourage cricket fans to plan ahead and get home safely from a night out. If you’re drinking, don’t drive.

Buckle up and be safe

Graphic of The Wiggles

Kids are our most vulnerable road users – they count on us all to make sensible decisions to keep them safe.

Did you know that two in three child car seats are not being used correctly? This greatly increases the risk of serious injury. When children are correctly restrained in approved child car seats they are less likely to be seriously injured or killed in a car crash, so it’s important to give parents and carers as much information as possible so they can make an informed decision.