Safe System Approach

To achieve the ultimate goal of zero deaths and serious injuries on NSW roads, we’ve adopted a safe system approach.

This approach is underpinned by these principles:

  • People are human and sometimes make mistakes – a simple mistake shouldn’t cost anyone their life.
  • Roads, roadsides and vehicles need to be designed to minimise crashes or reduce forces if a crash happens.
  • Road safety is a shared responsibility – everyone needs to make safe decisions on and around the road to prioritise safety.

Initiatives to ensure safer roads, speeds, people and vehicles need to be implemented together so the road system not only keeps us moving, but safe and protected.


Night time Sydney city roads

The four elements of a safe system are

Safe people icon

Safe People

People are at the heart of the safe system approach to road safety.

Safe roads icon

Safe Roads

Safe roads are designed and built to be more forgiving and account for human error.

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Safe Vehicles

Safety features can either help prevent a crash or help absorb and reduce the forces of impact.

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Safe Speeds

A small increase in speed can make a big difference to the seriousness of a crash.