Safe roads

Safe Roads

Safe roads are designed and built to be more forgiving and account for human error.

If a driver or rider makes a mistake, road infrastructure can significantly reduce the chance that it will result in a fatality or serious injury.

To do this, we:

  • Upgrade roads and improve road design; install new road signs, surfaces, markings and safety barriers; and remove roadside hazards.
  • Assess long stretches of major roads as part of route safety reviews to identify road improvements and couple with enforcement and education programs.
  • Separate road users as much as possible with median separation treatments such as wide centreline and median safety barriers.

Safer Roads Program

The NSW Government is investing $1.9 billion over five years (to 2022/23) through a range of programs to help reduce road trauma. This includes investments of $640 million to the Saving Lives on Country Roads and $180 million to the  Liveable and Safe Urban Communities initiatives. The investments will deliver proven safety treatments as outlined in the 2026 Road Safety Plan. You can find out more about the treatments being installed in country areas here and in urban areas here

Find out more about actions being undertaken to deliver safer roads across NSW under the 2026 Road Safety Plan.

Read the list of Regional Towards Zero Safer Roads Program Projects.

Read the list of Greater Sydney projects from the Towards Zero Safer Roads Program.

Mitchell Highway - Safety Barrier